KiranJyothi Cholleti

Senior Recruitment Specialist India Pvt Ltd

Current Location : Hyderabad / Secunderabad
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Active Jobs (9)
Total Experience in hiring: 7 Years India Pvt Ltd
• Nominated as “Trend Setter” Sep 2012 for clocking a GP of 6,20,000 with a single closure • Only person in the team who stood above 100 % (164%) for the Year 2012. • Was nominated, received a trophy and certificate for Top 5 Consultants PanIndia
• Was awarded “ The Best Performer” for H1 - 2012 • Received “Kelly TOPS CLUB - LEVEL 1 & 2” awards for 2012. • Was awarded “All Round Performance of the Year 2012” •
• Successful in closing and on boarding a candidate for Philippines in the very first week of my joining. • Multiple positions closed for each country in SEA, ME, and Hong Kong • Was awarded “Star of the Month” for May, Sep-2011, Jan, March 2012
Recommendations (1)
Veera Venkata Satyanarayana Kavala
Kiran jyothi is a dedicated professional and agreat asset for any company
January 24, 2015