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Job Summary
  • Location: Other India
  • Keywords / Skills: radio planning, design, optimization of radio network with 3G network.
  • Education: Bachelor Of Technology (B.Tech/B.E)
  • Function: IT
  • Role: Software Engineer/ Programmer
  • Industry: Recruitment/Staffing/RPO
  • Posted On: 6th Jul 2018
  • Job Ref code: 93
About Company
Job Description

Job Description Engineer/Sr Engineer/Specialist -Radio Network Consulting

1 Position

Engineer/Sr Engineer/Specialist Radio Network Consulting EIL/PP/A/RE

2 Job Title

Engineer/Sr Engineer/Specialist - Radio Network Consulting

3 Reporting

Managerâ€" Radio Network Consulting EIL/PP/A/RM
4 Responsibilities
Sr. Specialist/Specialist- Radio Network Consulting is responsible:
• To make available, the relevant guidelines and recommendations required for Radio Network Consulting.
• To perform timely, efficient and effective delivery for the projects being executed in team leader capacity.
• To monitor and update Network Consulting engineers, of the developments taking place in different technologies/products.
• To monitor Profit and Loss function for Radio Network Consulting Services
• To be knowledgeable of Radio network features.
• To function as a team leader for Radio Network Consulting.
• To prepare Radio network design/Optimisation proposals as per project requirements.
• To proactively help customers identify their Radio network requirements.
• To evolve Radio Network Consulting strategies.
• To support sales and marketing in the pre-tender and sales phases.
• To take proactive role in the continuous improvement of Radio Network Consulting processes.
• To perform efficient and professional services related to Radio Network Consulting.
• To ensure prompt flow of design documents.

5 Authority
Authority of the Engineer/Sr Engineer/Specialist - Radio Network Consulting, includes the following:
• To decide upon the suitable solution meeting the customer requirements.
• To decide on the planning objectives in consultation with the customer and project team.
• To interface with the customer on Radio Network Consulting related issues.
• To initiate the development of the present Radio Network Consulting process.
• To suggest changes in the existing design process.
• To recommend suitable design tools.
• To make use of the available tools and design documents.
• To transfer competence in the network consulting team within MU.

6 Main Tasks
The main tasks of the Engineer/Sr Engineer/Specialist - Radio Network Consulting are as given below:
• To perform efficient and professional services required for Radio Network Consulting.
• To interface with the product units of company and third party vendors approved by company
• To troubleshoot degradation in network performance.
• To function as a team leader for a group of Radio Network Consulting engineers.
• To formulate Radio network solutions meeting customer requirements.
• To conduct technical presentations.
• To prepare and analyse Radio network proposals.
• To evaluate performance of Radio Networks.
• To perform Radio network optimisation.
• To interface with the customer on RF related issues.
• To monitor Profit and Loss for Radio Network Consulting Services.

7 Competence Requirements
• Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication/ Electronics or equivalent.
• Very Good understanding of RF concepts and systems.
• Good knowledge of competitors products.
• Very good knowledge of BSS.
• Good presentation skills.
• Good knowledge on the antenna systems, TMA etc.
• Exposure to CME 20 systems.
• Verbal and written fluency in English.
• Customer orientation.
• Good communication skills.
• Good negotiation skills.
• Perceived as a specialist in Radio Network Consulting.
• Adaptability to change.

8 Training Path:
• CME 20 System Survey
• Cell Planning Principles
• Cell Planning Workshop
• AXE â€" 10 system Survey
• GSM GPRS Radio Network Statistics
• Advanced System Techniques
• GSM GPRS Radio Network Tuning
• GSM OSS Statistics Handling
• GSM Network Planning
• Leadership Courses

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