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Srikant DL
I work in Amazon. I love my job because it gives me ultimate satisfaction.I am a complete person now because of my job. It nurtured me and my character.
sylvia rodrigues
i work at welspun group report to president hr. My job allows me to overlook the entire gamut of hr processes like training, operation, special projects, employee engagement n not just a secretary job
Biswanath Hazra
I am serving Color plast Systems Pvt. Ltd.The basic concept is to match our metal frequency with company culture or vision. My attitude is to do best & cooperate with all. All are happy and I am happy
Mohit Soni
i work in cipla pharmaceautical and i love my job because i work in a life saving devision.
I work in HP, and I love to work there bcoz I love the culture they adopt in working env. Colleagues are fun.working in HP keep my life balanced ( work & Personal).
Mahesh Parit
I am working in IDBI bank,on post sales executive and I love my job becuse I get good rispect and I have taking a good expireance from this job also getting a knowledge about the bank work
Japreet Kaur
I am an ITC Infotech employee, but work for my client Verifone as Technical Writer. I love my job because it brings my creativity, the feel to excellence and makes me smile all day my work.
Hegde Rajendra
I work at AirAsia India. I love my job because I get to do new thinking,try new possibilities & push boundaries. Plus I get to meet & interact with the top management & execute my ideas fair & square
Nibash Agrawal
I work in Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. I survive because i work. work is worship.
Arvind Mishra
Shell Markets India P Ltd., I love this place because of Worktime flexibility, Defined Job Description , Performance based appraisal
Sriharikrishnan V
I work @ Maveric Systems Ltd. I love my job as i have a space to grow and complete freedom to approach people on any. My work environment and a people friendly organisation is the key reason
galib mehedi
At Infosys,i get all that i wish work is appreciated ,i have a position in the company I share with no one.I am also evaluated on performance basis but the evaluation is always healthy.
Sreejith Sreekumar
i love working in Indigo airlines because i get so much of respect from the colleagues and managers. Moreover i can see many passengers and crew for time pass. Thats why i love the job.
Lindsey Chen
I work at Horizon Media and I love my job because I get to work with really fun people! I've made some really good friends that have taught me so much!

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